An ongoing attraction to the natural world is the inspiration for my work. Prevailing themes derived from the landscape include; farms, gardens, plant forms and water; an examination and view of the most valued aspects of my life.

Varied series examine the chaos of growth seen in gardens and the wild versus the symmetry found in plants and decorative ornamentation, the depth and pattern revealed in the reflective nature of water, and the symmetry and order found in the farmed landscape.

Beyond concept and formal attributes the physics and risk inherent to the process hold my interest. The traditions and stringent guidelines associated with the medium impel me to work outside the rules aiming to make discoveries with the material.

About Material

Since an introduction to enameling in undergraduate school my focus has been on the medium of enamel (ground glass) fused to copper.

Enameling requires the adaptation of varied art processes to develop an image with glass ground to a consistency of table salt that’s fused to metal. A dialogue ensues while working; from the hand, to the kiln, and back to the hand through multiple kiln firings. I find a consistent and satisfying challenge through this process.